Personal Training

Are you interested in tweaking your workout? Are you just starting to work out for the first time and don’t know where to begin?

Partnering with a trainer makes it possible for you to achieve your personal goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve flexibility or just feel better, our certified professionals are dedicated to guiding and educating you to optimal health and fitness. For more information or to schedule a personal training appointment, please call 309.449.4512 or email Eddie Papis at

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Pricing Information

One-on-One training

1-3 sessions $40 per session
6 sessions $37 per session
9 sessions $33 per session
12 sessions $30 per session


Small group training

2 people $25 per person/per session
3 people $20 per person/per session
4 people $15 per person/per session


Team training

5-10 people $10 per person/per session
10-15 people $8 per person/per session
15-20 people $6 per person/per session
20+ people $4 per person/ per session


Outreach Training
The Personal Trainers at the Hopedale Wellness Center are capable of bringing personal training TO YOU! Outreach training is pre-arranged with training staff and pricing is based off of the above pricing, length of travel required, and equipment needs.

Personal Program Design
If you’re interested in personally designing your own program, you can set your own price by choosing specific components. Components include strength, speed, agility, conditioning, plyometrics, flexibility, and nutrition.

1 Component, 4 Week Program $25
Each Additional Component $5
Complete Program $40


Meet Our Fitness Coaches









 Eddie Papis, CSCS, USAW                    Hannah Weil, ACSM-CPT